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Rhode Island School Safety Bill Requires School Violence Reporting

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Rhode Island

Where many states fail their students is the lack of standards and enforcement regarding K-12 school safety and security.  The Rhode Island House and Senate have made progress in this regard by presenting legislation that will require Rhode Island schools to perform regular security assessments and prepare security plans for all schools. 

One of the requirements of the bill would require “schools to establish anonymous reporting mechanisms for school violence”.  The inclusion of this requirement supports a primary reason that we are building School Dangers; school and state officials need to be made aware of security issues so they can affect change. 

Another Rhode Island bill includes a significant deadline.  Once the bill has passed the Senate and signed by the governor into law, schools will have 30 days to perform security assessments and start building their security plans.  Well before Rhode Island has completed this task, School Dangers will be ready to report not only the “school violence” concerns of Rhode Island law, but all security and safety concerns.

Concerns have been raised regarding how much information should be shared with parents and still be assured that we are safeguarding our children.  School Dangers feels very strongly that parents and students have a right to know if problems exist at our children’s schools.  Our approach is to disclose to parents and students that problems of a certain type have been reported.  In this capacity, School Dangers also acts as a barometer to the effectiveness of a school’s security plan and its implementation of the plan.

The Rhode Island school security bill has already passed the House and is scheduled for vote by the Senate on Tuesday, May 28, 2013.  We look forward to this step in the right direction for Rhode Island and helping to be part of the solution.

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