Monday, 29 January 2001

De Anza College

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De Anza College student Al DeGuzman planned a Columbine style school shooting at the school.

An employee at a Longs Drugs store developed pictures of DeGuzman posing with his guns and homemade bombs. She and a coworker called police. DeGuzman was arrested when he returned for his photos. Police found Deguzman's bedroom stacked from top to bottom with sophisticated handmade bombs and a map of De Anza College, marked with locations where bombs would be placed. In October, 2002, DeGuzman was sentenced to seven years in state prison. He later committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell.

Additional Info

  • Type of Incident: Shooting, Bombing
  • Source: Wiki-Unsuccessful
  • Deaths: 0
  • Injuries: 0
  • City: Cupertino
  • State: California
  • Facility Type: Higher Education
  • Facility SubType: Post Secondary
  • Foiled or Exposed Plots: Yes
  • Included In 2002 Report: Yes
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