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Columbine High

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Two teenage students, Eric Harris???carrying a carbine rifle and a sawed-off pump-action shotgun???and Dylan Klebold???carrying a TEC-9 pistol and a sawed-off 12 gauge double-barreled shotgun???shot and killed 12 students and a teacher, and injured 21 other students and a teacher at Columbine High School. Two more students and a teacher were injured escaping.

Ten of the 12 students killed were shot at nearly point-blank range while hiding under tables in the school library in seven minutes by the two shooters. Both were armed with numerous pipe bombs, napalm, knives, and other homemade explosives. Two propane time bombs (which only one partially detonated) were set in the school cafeteria. After their rampage, Harris and Klebold died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. Both are believed to have committed suicide simultaneously and both bodies were found in the back of the library together. Columbine High School is located in the Columbine CDP of Jefferson County, near the cities of Denver and Littleton. Harris and Klebold were both victims of bullying. Later, psychologists concluded that Harris was a psychopath and Klebold was an angry, suicidal depressive.

Additional Info

  • Type of Incident: Shooting
  • Source: Wiki-Secondary School Attacks
  • Deaths: 15
  • Injuries: 24
  • City: Jefferson County
  • State: Colorado
  • Facility Type: K-12
  • Foiled or Exposed Plots: Yes
  • Included In 2002 Report: Yes
  • Facility SubType: Secondary
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