Wednesday, 10 November 1971

Gonzaga Univ

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Former MIT student Larry J. Harmon, 21, entered St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church on the Gonzaga University campus armed with a .22 caliber rifle. Harmon killed the caretaker, 68-year-old Hilary Kunz, and upon emerging from the church, wounded four more people before police officers shot and killed him. Harmon was described by his father as a religious fanatic who believed that he had seen the devil and that Christ was an imposter.

Additional Info

  • Type of Incident: Shooting
  • Source: Wiki-Shooting
  • Deaths: 2
  • Injuries: 4
  • City: Spokane
  • State: Washington
  • Facility Type: Higher Education
  • Facility SubType: Post Secondary
  • Perpetrator: Larry J. Harmon
  • Foiled or Exposed Plots: Yes
  • Perpetrator fate: Killed by Police
  • Included In 2002 Report: Yes
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