School Security Application Development


The Need:

Official after-action-reports for school incidents (such as Columbine and Newtown CT) identify that someone knew something or saw something that could have prevented the tragedy. These reports also highlight how unprepared the school officials are to deal with all the various ways information can come in to them (email, social media, web forms, texting, etc.). Currently, only around 33 states have implemented proactive guidelines to prevent security and safety breaches by requiring public schools to perform state mandated security assessments.

Project Description:

School Dangers plans to develop improved tools for incident reporting and security assessment and make these tools available affordable or free to K-12 public schools. Last year, we developed a proof of concept for tool that allows parents and children to report incident through a web page or a free mobile app. We also started to design a more flexible survey tool to help schools to more easily perform security audits and assessments. In each case, provisional patents outline functionality that we believe is necessary to raise the bar for these types of solutions and make them affordable or free.

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